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Stay tuned to this spot for the latest information on the regular one sixty meter crossband transmissions from vk3ase. Listen from 2230hrs Saturday evening till 0200hrs Sunday morning.  And Wedensday night/Thurs morning (Australian eastern time)on the one sixty, eighty and two meter bands for the largest
 amount of bilge imaginable.The content of these missions range from discussions about radio,audio,computing and other related subjects through to social techno babble. Actually most of it is very silly and serves to modulate the carrier to comply with regulations.The program material is drawn from the extensive crossband archive going back 50 years and live missions.

  Note! New programe formats are being experimented with.


VHF. 147.475 Mhz fm.

If you reside within about 100Km from Melbourne you should be able to receive the VHF service on any scanner or two meter transceiver using just an simple antenna or hand held equipment. For a gain antenna or elevated installation the range will be much increased.

ONE SIXTY METERS. 1865 Khz AM or 1868 Khz NBFM.

It's more fun to listen on one sixty but some people do have trouble with television line buzz or mains ference not to mention computers and electrical equipment. An out door antenna or better still a directional loop can often solve the problem. If we are transmitting on FM although better for local areas it may be very distorted for listeners via skywave so the 80 meter service may be better. To receive FM on an AM radio tune off the carrier a bit till the audio becomes least distorted, should work ok except radios with very narrow and or steep filters.

The ground wave should extend over the metro area and beyond but there is a zone between 50 to 150 Km where the signals are often very week due to the fact that the ground wave has dissipated and the sky wave is non existent or has heavy fading. Depending on conditions the skywave reception may be quite good interstate.

Learn how to convertAM broadcast radios to receive one sixty meters.


This service for the inland and the islands should have coverage over most of Australia and the near pacific if conditions are good and fills in gaps that 160 misses like between the night time skywave and groundwave zones. Over the horizon radar is a big problem now but nothing I can do about it,if it is extra bad I may move somewhere else in the band.

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